Diot Financement is the dedicated subsidiary of Diot Crédit

Diot Financement

Instead of a catalog of financing, how to share a clear and coherent vision of the financing of your Company in line with your challenges?

Especially when the most appropriate financing for your company is not offered by the banking center,
A fortiori in a regulatory context unfavorable to long loans,
While corporate financing is being recomposed with the emergence of new players, often from digital.

Our offer is based on 3 pillars

Structure and organize operations

Structure and organize operations

design tailor-made financing, serving the financing strategy defined with you.

Getting out of the prism of the WCR

Getting out of the prism of the WCR

Open up the offer to other financing (asset financing of all kinds, bond debts, TSSDI and quasi-equity, fiduciary arrangements, complex WCR financing programs, etc.)

Function as an ecosystem

Function as an ecosystem

Diot Credit, lawyers, auditors, accountants, fiduciaries, funders, for a global service combining additional expertise.

How do we conceive our business ?

Diot Financement assist in the selection, negotiation, implementation, management and optimisation of your financing.

After the diagnosis and validation of a technical and commercial proposal, we will:

Structure the financing (except *),

Assist with its implementation with the financiers and service providers (auditors, lawyers, fiduciary agents, third-party custodians) selected within the framework of partnerships.

What is the cycle of your future financing?

Analyse and Optimise

Analyse the financial equilibria
Complete audit of the financing requirements
Inventory and analysis of the existing financings
Understanding the stakes from the current and prospective situations

Deliverables : recommendations for additional financing and/or substitution and/or optimisation of the existing financing.

Objectives : build a financing strategy adapted to the situation and your company’s objectives.

Assist with the decision

Deliverables : selection of operators, validation of the offers in their technical and operational components, negotiation, recommendations, verification of the legal documentation.

Objectives : obtain the financing appropriate for your company – sustainability, operational simplicity and business performance.

Implement and manage

Deliverables : implementation, training, procedures.

Objectives : manage and steer the financing, ensure mutual compliance with the contractual commitments, check the conformity of the costs and the amounts financed.