Credit insurance

Diot credit calls on the best collection professionals and offers you adapted solutions Our teams will find you the best credit insurer identified for your project.

Diot Credit's mission

analyse and identify your bad debts

analyse and identify your bad debts

We develop adapted and “tailor-made” solutions.

Assess your management need

Assess your management need

With the support of our teams and our tools, we support you on a daily basis.

Negotiate the terms of your contract

Negotiate the terms of your contract

Our teams are responsible for finding you the best credit insurer identified for your project and then we manage its implementation.

Measure and control

Measure and control

Diot Credit experts analyze the relevance of our solution in place, using reporting and dashboards, in order to verify its relevance and improve it.

What are the risks involved?

Inter-business credit in France is of the order of €660 billion (8.5% of assets). Trade receivables generally represent 30% of the total assets on companies’ balance sheets.
A company is therefore running a significant risk – the one of an unpaid debt, on both the domestic and export markets. This non-payment on the due date is the cause of one business failure out of four – known as the domino effect.
In order to offset this loss, the company will have to do make additional commercial efforts in terms of sales revenue.

It is therefore imperative to secure your trade receivables : credit insurance will protect you against the trade risk (non-payment or insolvency of the debtor), the political risk (event of a political nature which may generate losses) and will enable you to smooth out your losses over time.

What are the credit insurance levers?

Regardless of your company’s size and activity, the credit insurer offers:

  • The upstream assessment of the financial strength of customers and prospects in France and abroad, which will allow the development of turnover in complete security.
  • Outsourcing of collection to an experienced partner.
  • In the event of definitive default, compensation will protect the margin and cash flow.
  • Credit insurance makes it possible to optimize the need for working capital and, incidentally, to secure banking partners.

Diot Credit's strong points

A broker with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, backed up by a solid group.

A broker/adviser constantly seeking innovation and added value.

Second-largest French player in the specialised brokerage market within ten years, hence an excellent knowledge of the market and significant weight amongst its players.

An international network – Astreos.

A team of 70 experts originating from the fields of credit insurance, credit management and financing.

Daily management of guarantees with a team of 15 credit analysts working with insurers

Proprietary and exclusive tools to best serve our clients.