What coverage is included in your contract?

A comprehensive policy for your imports/exports regardless of their method of transport. This covers in particular: the risks of strikes, piracy, theft, general deterioration, etc.

An insurance policy managed by local interlocutors.

To gain additional tranquillity, entrust the insurance of your transport of merchandise in the Overseas Territories to professionals in the sector, who have full knowledge of the reality of this complex market.

What are these formalities to be completed in the event of an insurance claim?

In the event of an insurance claim, with the Diot Credit Outre-Mer merchandising insurance policy, you are surrounded by professionals who assist you with the whole management process:

  • Your Diot Credit Outre-Mer broker is at your disposal
  • An expert is appointed quickly by the insurance company
  • You obtain release of the funds rapidly after acknowledgement of the claim.

You have up to 72 hours after the discovery of the loss to contact us so that we can make the claim on your coverage.

To what indemnification are you entitled?

Once your insurance claim has been declared and taken in hand by our staff, you are entitled to an indemnification provided for in your merchandise transport insurance contract:

  • Genuine handling of your prejudice
  • The "cost and freight" expenditure, increased by 10%
  • Within no more than 30 days following the receipt of your supporting documents.
How much is the premium to be paid for your insurance policy?

The premium payable for your Overseas Territories merchandise transport insurance policy is simple and transparent.

  • The premium corresponds to a percentage of your annual volume of transported merchandise
  • The premium can be paid in instalments
  • No bad surprises or over-invoicing; you know the premium cost