What are the impacts on the traditional management of your contract?

Our experts, who assist the teams in charge of the credit insurance contract on a daily basis, observe that:

  • The time required for processing of the information is increasing sharply (update of the insurance coverage in the IT systems, account opening, analysis of risks, etc.)
  • The credit management rules are not always complied with
  • The time required for customer account creation no longer meets the market standards
  • The commercial teams receive information about outstanding customer balances on a deferred basis.
Why is traditional management not appropriate to the challenges of today?

The business standards today have strongly changed. They oblige your teams to:

  • Manage and analyse a lot more information
  • Have to take real-time decisions
  •  Apply the credit management rules (against the backgrounds of external growth, deployment of e-commerce websites, of B2B marketplaces, etc.).

The scope of intervention for the teams in charge of the credit insurance contract increases without the existence of tools or automation suitable for their management.

Digital transformation: a simple and efficient solution

We assist you with your digital transformation in order to enable you to:

  • Guarantee compliance with the rules of credit management in all the entities of your group
  •  Automate up to 80% of the tasks (requests for approval, updates of the information system, opening of accounts, claim declarations, etc.)
  • Develop your business on the internet whilst controlling customer risks
  • Informing the sales teams in real time of changes to customer outstanding balances
  • Dedicate more time to strategic issues

Your business is unique and can benefit from all these advantages with the digital transformation of your credit insurance contract. A dedicated team of experts is at your service for an exchange on this topic. At any time and in complete confidentiality.