What is the specificity of our service?

Our offer is based on 3 pillars :

  • 1) Moving the cursor of added value: structuring transactions, and even conceiving the financing,
  • 2) Capitalising on historical know-how for the financing of the Working Capital and enriching the range of financings proposed,
  • 3) Functioning as an ecosystem to offer our clients a global service bringing together complementary expert capabilities.
How do we conceive our business?

We assist our clients in the selection, negotiation, implementation, management and optimisation of their financing.

After the diagnosis and validation of a technical and commercial proposal, we will:

  • Structure the financing (except *),
  • Assist with its implementation with the financiers and service providers (auditors, lawyers, fiduciary agents, third-party custodians) selected within the framework of partnerships.


What are our areas of intervention?


    Offre de financement Diot Crédit


    What is the cycle of your future financing?

    1. Analyse and Optimise
    Analyse the financial equilibria
    Complete audit of the financing requirements
    Inventory and analysis of the existing financings
    Understanding the stakes from the current and prospective situations

    • Deliverables : recommendations for additional financing and/or substitution and/or optimisation of the existing financing.
    • Objectives : build a financing strategy adapted to the situation and your company's objectives.

    2. Assist with the decision

    • Deliverables : selection of operators, validation of the offers in their technical and operational components, negotiation, recommendations, verification of the legal documentation.
    • Objectives : obtain the financing appropriate for your company - sustainability, operational simplicity and business performance.

    3. Implement and manage

    • Deliverables : implementation, training, procedures.
    • Objectives : manage and steer the financing, ensure mutual compliance with the contractual commitments, check the conformity of the costs and the amounts financed.

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