We are making progress in terms of CSR alongside the Groupe Burrus

Be a responsible employer

Equal opportunities :

We are involved in the promotion of equal opportunities and diversity in the company. Several subjects are at the heart of the social concerns of our organization, such as the employment of people with disabilities in our workforce, professional equality between women and men and the integration of young people.

Diot Crédit is strongly committed to the process of integrating people with disabilities, which this year is the subject of an action plan.

We closely monitor gender equality. This translates into fair career promotions, equal access to training, equality in the treatment of job applications.

Each year the group sets a goal to achieve. According to the INDEX gender equality, the BURRUS COURTAGE group achieved a score of 75/100 in 2019 and then 92/100 in 2020. Our 2021 target is to further improve this score. We are convinced that this promotes economic development and is a performance factor.

By instituting these responsible practices leading to a change in corporate culture, we are advancing women’s rights around the world.

The integration of young people through work-study programs is at the heart of our HR strategy: investing in the future by supporting, training and qualifying young students who will make up, we hope, the group of tomorrow.

Développer les compétences de nos collaborateurs :

In order to promote the professional development of our employees, we have structured a support path allowing them to develop their skills within the group:

  • as soon as they join the group, the employee benefits from a tailor-made integration path.
  • the construction of his professional career thanks to the development of his skills:
  • annual and professional interviews allowing genuine listening and consideration of our employees,
  • skills development through training actions.
  • The promotion of Internal Mobility is a real lever for managing our talents, attracting and building loyalty for our group. Through a Job Market, all employees now have the opportunity to consult the offers and thus boost their career within the company.

Improve our environmental impact

Contribute to energy saving

The climate challenge, the preservation of biodiversity, the fight against pollution and waste management are now the major planetary issues in which we want to invest.

Taking care of the environment in our company also means taking care of its performance, the business environment and the resulting resources.

We also encourage individual behavior to be imbued with the good reflexes that we circulate.

Two positive initiatives have emerged this year such as HQE (High Environmental Quality) Building certification and BREEAM in Use (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method):

The aim of the HQE certification is to improve the performance of buildings, to certify and enhance the sustainable performance achieved. This certification is global and includes all the challenges of sustainable development.

The implementation of Telework has allowed us to adopt a new way of working with the installation of Flex-Office.
The absence of dedicated offices makes it possible to reduce the surface area of our premises and thus reduce the associated energy consumption. These smaller surfaces also make it possible to avoid greenhouse gas emissions linked to construction or the manufacture of equipment.

Concerned about our environmental impact

In recent years, we have undertaken various actions:

  • The choice of hybrid vehicles for our vehicle fleet is one of the main axes for reducing our environmental footprint. We adapt our vehicle fleet according to the use of our employees.
  • The implementation of “Zero Paper” within the BURRUS COURTAGE and DIOT CREDIT group helps to protect the environment. Whether for electronic document management (EDM) or digital archiving, the benefits are numerous. The gain in productivity, the reduced risk of error or even the diversified development of new services bear witness to this.

In particular, the responsibility for waste management draws our attention. Already existing within the BURRUS COURTAGE group, waste management is today one of our main concerns and we are determined to develop it within our company. We are dealing with this subject with the company ELISE, which recycles office waste by ensuring its recycling and creating solidarity-based jobs.

Develop sponsorship actions

Our desire to open up to partners, around shared projects and common values are an integral part of our professional vision and our entrepreneurial spirit.

At Group level, we have set up the donation of paid vacation days. More than 78,000 € were raised thanks to donations from our employees and to the Group’s contribution. This sum was donated to the FRM Medical Research Foundation in order to help research work on Covid-19.

We participate in fundraising for causes that are close to our hearts such as the Gustave Roussy Foundation, the first center for the fight against cancer, SOS Village d’Enfants & Secours Catholique.