"Diot Credit's professionals will assist you in the same entrepreneurial spirit with which you created your business."

Philippe Puigventos
President Diot Crédit - Partner

Why did we create Diot Credit ?

The evolution in international trade, regulations, customer-supplier relationships and the positioning of a business’s financial partners (insurers, bankers, factors, etc.) led us to create a new player in the specialised brokerage for credit insurance, bonding, special risks and business financing. In order to respond to companies’ concerns and needs (from the SME to the ISE and up to major groups), Diot Credit quickly reinforced itself and now has almost 50 employees, including 8 partners, originating from the world of credit insurance, financing and banking.

How did you approach the international market?

From 2013 onwards, in order to meet the needs of our clients operating abroad, Diot Credit built a network of correspondents called Astreos Credit, which now covers 43 countries and thereby becomes a reference at the 3rd place worldwide amongst specialist brokers.

What added value for your clients ?

We are organised into centres of expertise in order to assist them efficiently on a day-to-day basis and at each stage in the life of the contract. Hence, following the signature of the policy, Diot Credit provides its clients with a dedicated team. This team, managed by a Program Director, involves :

A Client Manager

(contractual engineering, negotiation, call for tenders)

An Account Manager

(training / assistant, litigation, DCA, reporting)

A Risk Officer

(emphasis, information on buyers, risk reporting)

This organisation offers our clients the following advantages :


good knowledge of customers and their businesses and increased fluidity of the of information


the team is composed of technical experts (credit insurance, financing, bonding), which answers to your requirements in a relevant way

Rapidity and availability

a team member is always at your service

Our digital transformation at the service of our customers

Diot Credit is convinced that the digital transformation must be useful to its clients. This is why we have developed a management platform, Diot Credit Center, used by the Risk Underwriters, which enables :

  • Better negotiation of credit limits with the insurers
  • Supplying them with customised reports (buyer score, risk breakdown for the client portfolio, opportunities to regain cover, etc.)

In addition, a team which is expert in digital transformation is available to clients to assist them to :

  • Identify opportunities for the automation of flows between the insurance company and their company
  • Implementation of data exchange flows
  • Finding the best Account Receivables management tools